Disasters happen far more often than you think.

And it’s not just the weather. Every year, an average company gets hit by 100 successful cyber attacks and several unplanned power outages lasting around 3 hours that affect availability and customer data. Build your DR plan and respond back to disasters with the help of the experts who designed our Tier III data centre.

How much are you losing?

Disasters you pay for every day

Be prepared for everything.




  • 30,000 websites hacked every day.
  • 90% of companies affected every year.
  • 15% of your customers affected by cyber crimes every year.
  • 100 successful cyber attacks per year against an average company.



  • 4 unplanned power outages per year lasting around 3 hours.
  • Copper-based LANs down for 9 hours per year.
  • WANs down 6 times per year for an average of 2.5 hours every time.
  • 5% of hard drives fail each year.



  • The direct cause of over 22% of all disasters.
  • 7.4 average sick days per year for every worker.
  • 2.4% of your annual revenue lost from absenteeism.
  • 54% of companies list understaffing as having a medium to high impact on services.



  • 20 severe storms every year in central Canada.
  • 1 major flood in Canada every two years.
  • The 2013 Toronto ice storm cost over $3 billion.
  • Clean up costs for the 2013 Alberta flood were nearly $5 billion.



  • Massive impact when it happens.
  • 9/11 attacks cost at least $44 billion.
  • 1 declared pandemic every 25 – 30 years.
  • H1N1 cost the Canadian economy over $2 billion.
  • 31% of structural fires occur at commercial facilities.
  • 90% of businesses that have a major disaster fail within 3 years.


average loss for network downtime

This doesn’t even account for unhappy customers, restoration costs, lost sales, or damaged reputation.

How much are you losing? Find out!

number of employees

average salary per employee

average revenue per year

Loss Breakdown


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Preventative Solutions

Server, facility and process continuity

We have continuity on every level


Communications continuity

You can’t afford to lose contact with your workforce or your customers. We offer phone and email solutions with 99.999% availability, real-time replication and geographical redundancy. Web portals, mobile and VPN ensure remote access anytime, and from anywhere.

Network continuity

We offer multi-carrier redundancy and we keep redundant hot and cold standbys on site at all times. Add resiliency with a 4G wireless back up connection, or a wired option, that keeps going even if your main connection goes down.

Security and privacy continuity

Protect your systems from cyber crimes and breaches with firewalls, IDS/IPS, spam control and virus/malware protection sourced only from enterprise-grade vendors. Our highly trained personnel use SOC 2 Type II controls and SANS Institute best practices to protect your infrastructure.


Application continuity

Protect your business applications. Mirror them locally, and in the cloud, so that you can easily recover critical applications with minimal interruption to end users.

Workload continuity

Replicate any workloads, including SAP, databases, application processes, and websites, into our cloud so you can restore a backup copy if the systems they run on are affected by a disaster.

Business process continuity

Put contingencies in place so critical business processes keep going even after a major disaster. We document everything so your workforce knows what to do to keep your business running.

Storage and server continuity

Clone your data and virtual machines into our geographically distributed cloud so you have access to everything when you need it. Take snapshots on a schedule that works for you. Automatically fail over to your cloud with recovery times measured in minutes.


Staff continuity

Keep our shadow staff on call so critical IT support positions are always filled when someone falls ill, leaves their job or is on vacation. Train multiple people on your systems and get the IT support you need with full transparency to your workforce.

Behavioral continuity

Setup device monitoring tools, access controls and processes that show you what your employees are up to and what they might be doing wrong. Identify risks with regular audits and reports. Prepare plans for issues such as workplace violence, breaches and crimes.


Infrastructure continuity

Benefit from geographically distributed facilities where you can replicate your entire infrastructure. If a facility goes down, you failover to another location in minutes. Everything is restored and your business keeps going.

Office continuity

How will your staff keep working when your office is closed? Mirror everything into the cloud and add remote functionality so your workforce keeps working from wherever they are. Keep extra devices at our headquarters so your staff can pick them up if your office is inaccessible.

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No single point of failure

Stay connected to your customers

Multiple sites

Your data is hosted from multiple sites across Canada. If our main site goes down, we’ll have a copy of your data at another location. We’ll always be able to restore your operations.

It’s easy

We make regular copies of your IT systems. If something goes wrong, you switch over in seconds. Meet your recovery time objective and recovery point objectives with ease.

Stringent protection

Place your disaster recovery solution in our Tier III certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant data centre. We have stringent controls and redundancies in place on all levels.

Enterprise grade only

Store your backups on enterprise-grade systems from reputable vendors, including VMware, Dell, Fortinet and Cisco. We choose our vendors based on their track record with large scale deployments.

Mastery and experience

Benefit from 20 years of experience in internet services. We know what it takes to build reliable systems. We take charge of your disaster recovery solution so you can get back to business.

Full ownership

Host your disaster recovery infrastructure in our ‘full stack’ with multiple contingencies built right in. We made major capital investments so you don’t have to. Our stack can tolerate any failure so your systems keep running.

Redundancies at every level

We built at least an N+1 architecture into every system. In most cases, we double up for 2N+1 or better redundancy. We always have hot and cold spares on standby.

Privacy and security

Meet the requirements of strict privacy and security legislation in your jurisdiction. We know how to build solutions that are compliant with HIPPA, PHIPA, FIPPA and PIPEDA.

Fast response

Customer relevant SLAs, ITIL® quality management systems and ISO 9001:2008 certification mean fast and reliable disaster response every time.

* ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

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Pathway’s certified DR and BCP planning

Our approach assumes failures and builds for it. Frequent tests and proactive management ensure your company is prepared for anything.


1. Assess

We do a full assessment of the impact of various disasters on your infrastructure, workforce and facilities. We provide a detailed report of our findings, including observations, gaps and recommendations.


2. Build

Our experts use the assessment to build a complete disaster recovery and business continuity solution. From infrastructure to processes and people, we’ll implement continuity on every level. Each element is designed to meet your recovery point and time objectives. We document everything in a formal disaster recovery plan.

Test your DR Plan

3. Test

After everything is set up, we test your disaster recovery solution at a time that works for you. We then work with you to decide on regular testing schedules and methodologies.


4. Manage

We conduct scheduled tests, monitor your infrastructure, update your plans and infrastructure as needed, and help you recover from disasters. We provide you with regular reports and audits so you always see what’s going on.

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