A resilient connection is everything.

Mix and match connections from multiple carriers to keep all your locations up and running. One provider. Multiple carriers. We manage it all so you can stay connected with your customers with speeds up to 10 Gbps.

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Connectivity made to build businesses

Complete attention for your business


Prioritize your traffic and reserve your bandwidth across multiple sites. Ensure everything gets through on time.

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Fibre Optic

Get fast, reliable internet for bandwidth intensive tasks. Fully managed. Unlimited usage. Backup connection included.

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Depend on always available internet that’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on video conferencing, large file transfers and email.

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Back up your main connection with a fast, point-to-point wireless broadband. Available everywhere.

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Ethernet over Copper

Quick, symmetrical internet up to 20 Mbps that’s available almost anywhere with a regular phone line.

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Set up long haul connections and bond multiple pairs for redundancy and speed.

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You get more…


24x7x365 management

Our experts manage your connection all day, every day. They solve problems before you realize you’re having them.



Access monthly and ad-hoc reports of your company’s internet activity, usage and support requests from one easy-to-use control panel.

responsive support

Responsive support

Get fast, responsive support whenever you need it with 24x7x365 care from our technical support professionals.



Always available connectivity with an industry leading SLA, Tier III hosted infrastructure, 99.5% uptime, and network redundancy.

complimentary features

Complimentary features

Managed email, multiple static IPs, remote desktop seats, VPN and web hosting included at no extra cost.

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Build complex secure networks

Advanced performance

Enjoy better conference calls and cloud performance. Reserve some bandwidth and prioritize network traffic with powerful classes of service. Ensure different types of traffic, including voice, video, apps, and email, get through on time.

Highly reliable

With a self-healing architecture, if your MPLS connection goes down, data is sent over another path right away. An enhanced SLA ensures service levels and response times for all aspects of your network. The perfect compliment to your business continuity plan.

Lower operational costs

Reduce management and support costs by converging all of your voice, video and data services on one network. Customize your network to meet your precise needs.

Private and secure

Combine the scalability and cost savings of the public internet with fully private routing for your data. Combine MPLS with VPN and VLAN for secure, reliable connectivity between multiple locations.

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Fibre optic

Fast, reliable and secure

Peace of mind

Our experts manage your connection, from the backbone right up to your modem. They solve issues before you even realize you’re having them.

Do more, faster

Make large file transfers, join high quality video conferences and use business apps with ease. Symmetrical and dedicated speeds from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Added resiliency

Eliminate interference and signal degradation. Fibre is also immune to issues that affect copper-based lines, including temperature changes and electrical fires.

Unlimited bandwidth

Stop worrying about your internet usage. We include unlimited data transfer with your fibre connection. No throttling, ever.

Move your business forward with fibre optic

recover in seconds

Business Continuity

Combine fibre with your DR plan. Ensure business continuity with reporting, proactive monitoring, an SLA, 99.5% uptime and backup connections.

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backups and peace of mind

Embrace the cloud

Cloud services need fast, low latency connections for optimal performance. Keep your SaaS applications and cloud backup services running with fibre.

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call quality

Boost your call quality

Unite fibre and your business phones to enjoy high capacity teleconferencing systems and crystal clear call quality.

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Business DSL/FTTN

Resilient managed internet for any business

High speeds

The best mix of price, reliability and speed. Bond 4 DSL lines for speeds up to 24 Mbps down/3.2 Mbps up.

Now in select locations: Fibre to the node with speeds up to 50 Mbps down/10 Mbps up.

Multiple locations? No problem

Create private WANs or point-to-point connections for a fraction of the cost of other options. Keep your network secure with industry leading firewalls, intrusion systems and VPN. Deal just with us, and one contract, to get all your locations online.

Multiple lines for resiliency

Bond multiple lines for faster internet and business continuity. If a line fails, the other lines still provide access. For added redundancy, we offer connections through multiple carriers with auto-failover.

Backup connection

Enhance your business continuity by adding 4G wireless as a backup for DSL. Get back online in minutes if your internet goes down.

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Your network contingency plan

Choose your provider

Get connectivity through various carriers, including Rogers, Bell and Telus. We take care of the contract and day-to-day management.

Fast and symmetrical

Faster than DSL at only 25% the cost of Fibre. Get all the speed you need with full duplex symmetrical speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Full coverage

Available in almost all areas. Get internet access at locations that are outside of normal service areas.

Business continuity

Use wireless broadband as a backup for your fibre or DSL connections. Enhance your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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Ethernet over copper

On demand scalability

Quality of service

Supports voice, video and MPLS VPN. Loop bonding means less noise sensitivity and more bandwidth available to your apps.

Access redundancy

Safeguard your network with a redundant DSL connection. Included with your connection. Wireless options also available.

Easy to upgrade

Move to symmetrical speeds up to 20 Mbps whenever you need to.

Available everywhere

Available in almost any location with regular phone lines. No build charges.

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Focused on quality

Dedicated bandwidth

Get a dedicated line with 99.5% guaranteed uptime and symmetrical speeds at 1.5 Mbps. Bond multiple lines for added bandwidth.

Superior phone systems

With support for up to 24 phone lines, enjoy superior call quality compared to analogue lines.

Available anywhere

Much faster than dial up with great upload speeds for your business. Available anywhere, even where DSL and fibre don’t go.

Perfect backup

A superior SLA and dedicated performance. The most reliable backup for your main internet connection.

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What happens when you don’t have a resilient connection?

Calculate how much you lose when your internet goes down


average loss for network downtime

This doesn’t even account for unhappy customers, restoration costs, lost sales, or damaged reputation.

How much are you losing? Find out!

number of employees

average salary per employee

average revenue per year

Loss Breakdown


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