A sophisticated telephone system. Hosted PBX.

Big communications for small businesses.
Enhance your corporate image. Lower your costs. Scale with ease.

Your savings


Work better wherever you are

reduce costs

Reduce costs

Save money by switching to a Tier III hosted PBX. With 24x7x365 support, managed services and no capital investments, you’ll see immediate savings.

work remotely

Work remotely

Unify multiple locations with one feature rich phone system. Calls are automatically sent to employee phones, with no long distance charges, anywhere across the globe.

improve productivity

Improve productivity

Move, add and change your phone locations and settings with ease. Improve call routing with an auto attendant and an operator console. Employees have access to dozens of quick, one-touch phone features.

enhance corporate image

Enhance your corporate image

Take advantage of an integrated solution that impresses customers with a professional automated greeting, efficient call handling, minimum wait time and accurate call routing.

proactive management

Pro-active management

Sit back while we do the work. Migrate quickly with minimal effort. Our experts set up, manage and support your phone system so you can focus on your business.

maximum value

Maximum value

Get over twenty customizable features at no charge, including auto attendant, web portals, hunt groups, call conferencing and enhanced call routing.

scale quickly

Scale quickly

Start small and grow at your own pace, without having to change platforms. Pay only for what you need to maximize your return on investment.

keep yor phone numbers

Keep your phone numbers

Transfer your phone numbers at no additional cost. We manage the entire process with no interruption to your operations.

free long distance

Free long distance

Keep your ongoing costs under control with free North American long distance and low international rates.

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Save time

Focus on your business

When you switch to hosted PBX, you’ll see immediate time savings compared to a traditional phone system.

Benefits Time saved
✔ Faster moves/adds/changes 1.5 hours/move
✔ IT staff not required for user support 5.5 hours/week
✔ Reduced telephone tag for employees 3.9 hours/week. 25 business days/year
✔ Improved remote office activity 4.3 hours/week. 28 business days/year
✔ Reduced travel for IT staff 3.3 hours/week

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Plans starting at $29.99/month

Full calling features at no extra cost

Auto attendant

Help callers find who they’re looking for.

Multilingual web portal

Manage phone features using a simple web interface.

Unified phone system

Free calling between all of your international locations.

Pick up groups

Help your colleagues by answering calls ringing on other phones.

Music on hold

Keep your callers entertained when they’re on hold.

Hunt groups

Distribute incoming calls so all callers interact with a real person.

Direct inward dial (DID)

Let callers contact you directly. No auto-greetings.

Local extensions

Reach your colleagues with their extensions only.

Three-way calling

Make meetings more productive.


Listen to voicemail from your phone, email or the web.

Distinctive ringing

Customize your ringtone to recognize your calls.

Speed dial

Make quick calls by assigning speed dial numbers.

Personal phone book

Access your contact numbers on your phone and on the web.

Corporate phone book

Access contact information for on-site and remote workers.

Do not disturb

Send callers directly to your voicemail when you don’t want your phone to ring.

Caller ID

Get a detailed view of who is calling you.

Call forwarding

Answer your calls wherever you are. Fully customizable.

Call transfer

Transfer a caller to another employee or the auto attendant.

Call waiting

Answer a second call while you keep the first call on hold.

Call logs

Review your voicemail and call history.

Redial and call back

Redial the last number you called or call the last person who called you.

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