Make long distance calls from anywhere.

Call anywhere across the globe at great, low rates. SmartReach’s state-of-the-art system recognizes the phone number you registered, matches it with number you are calling from and automatically authenticates you as a valid user. Register multiple numbers so you and your family can use SmartReach from anywhere around the world.

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Low rates across the globe

Save on long distance

Enjoy great rates as low as 1.9 cents per minute to anywhere across the globe!

Call us anytime

Having trouble with call? Give our friendly 24x7x365 support team a call anytime!

Earn rewards

Every $100 you spend nets you $5 in free long distance. Get preferred rates* and referral bonuses.

Avoid hidden fees

No hidden charges. No connection fees. No expiration dates or contracts.

* Preferred rates only apply to Pathway residential internet customers.

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Quick and easy to use

One step dialing

Add your phone numbers to the online portal so you only have to call the access number to make long distance calls. No PIN required!

Online portal

Use the customer portal to check and recharge your account, view call history, change speed dials and update your address book.

Auto recharge

Never run out of minutes! With this option, your account recharges automatically when funds run low.

Speed dialing

Make calls without dialing the entire number each time. Set up a speed dial list and manage this list online.

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